June 8, 2017

Newest Halifax Partner, BCI Burke, Featured in Local News

Halifax completed an investment in BCI Burke, a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial playground equipment, in May. The Fond Du Lac Reporter recently highlighted Burke’s long-standing history, partnership with Halifax and plans for expansion.

“Fond du Lac’s BCI Burke may have built your childhood jungle gym. Now, it’s expanding…

For nearly 100 years, BCI Burke Co. has built playground equipment at the forefront of the industry, for clients around the country. If your kids visit the playground at Lakeside Park in Fond du Lac, Burke built that, too.

As communities around the country work to cultivate desirable public places, Burke anticipates growing demand, and is embarking on an expansion project that will grow its footprint at 660 Van Dyne Road in Fond du Lac by 50 percent.

“Residents are demanding better places to socialize, collaborate,” said Michael Phelan, president and CEO of Burke. “Parks are a place to do that. Playgrounds are a type of investment that communities are making.”

The company brought on investment capital from the Washington-based Halifax Group to complete the second phase of its expansion, which it will complete by the end of 2017. To help fund its first phase, which wrapped up in March, Burke used capital from Incline Equity Partners, of Pittsburgh.

“We are enthusiastic about Burke’s differentiated position in the growing commercial playground market,” said Scott Plumridge, Partner at Halifax, in a statement. “We believe the company is poised for continued expansion due to an increasing focus on healthy play options for children and adults.”


The above was excerpted from an article published June 8, 2017 by the Fond Du Lac Reporter and authored by Nate Beck. The full article can be found here.