Soil Safe Inc.

Soil Safe Inc.

Outsourced Business Services

Investment Date: June 2003

Soil Safe, Inc., headquartered in Columbia, MD, provides a soil remediation solution for the removal and cleanup of petrochemical contaminated soils. Soil Safe’s projects range from smaller leaking underground storage tanks to large urban redevelopment projects. These soils, albeit requiring treatment to be rendered safe, are not considered to be “hazardous” under EPA’s regulatory regime. The Company’s stabilization process, which is less expensive than competing technologies, involves mixing the contaminated soil with a recipe of additives that permanently binds the contaminants, thus eliminating the possibility of leaching. The processed soil has been determined by state regulators to be clean and appropriate for reuse applications such as road building materials and other structural fill applications. The Company currently has facilities in Baltimore, MD and Logan, NJ, each with a cost effective service area of 150 miles.

In September 2005, The Halifax Group successfully exited Soil Safe, Inc. through a sale to American Capital Strategies, Ltd. (NASDAQ: ACAS).