March 22, 2016

NPC Exit Highlighted by William Blair & Company

NPC Acquisition Driven By Surging Demand For Probiotics
March 22, 2016 – – “Amid a growing global middle class that is consuming more protein and pressure to limit antibiotics in the food supply chain, probiotics emerge as a highly sought-after solution.

The growth of the world’s population, particularly among the burgeoning middle class in developing countries, has caused protein consumption to increase significantly over the past decade; and this trend is expected to continue for decades to come. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) projects that global meat consumption will increase 73% between 2011 and 2050. While livestock producers work to ramp up production to meet this demand, they also face increasing pressure from regulators and consumers to limit the use of antibiotics as an additive to animal feed. ”

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