February 16, 2011

Aptiv Solutions Announces Launch of Unique Global Biopharmaceutical & Medical Device Development Services Company

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GREAT FALLS, VA —  February 16, 2011 — Chairman and CEO Patrick K. Donnelly today announced the launch of Aptiv Solutions, a global biopharmaceutical and medical device development services company focused on recognizing, understanding and enabling clients to capitalize on rapid and fundamental changes facing companies
developing products in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device market.

Aptiv Solutions was created by the merger of six leading biopharmaceutical and medical device development services companies. It combines industry-leading software and executional expertise for harnessing the power of adaptive clinical trials, the advanced capabilities and process knowledge of drug and medical device development experts, and the flexibility of a global Clinical Research Organization.

Aptiv Solutions grew out of a first-hand recognition of the pressures and challenges facing drug and medical device developers – and the belief that a more dynamic paradigm for development is long overdue in the biopharmaceutical services industry.

According to Donnelly, formerly the CEO and one of the founders of PRA International, “the difficulties facing companies developing products in life sciences have intensified. Companies that continue to rely on conventional techniques risk missing out on new, rewarding opportunities that accelerate their alternatives.”

Regulatory authorities, biopharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers are increasingly recognizing that new approaches are required to significantly improve their ability to more efficiently develop products. “Fortunately,” Donnelly said, “many of these innovative approaches exist today. And Aptiv Solutions is
actively bringing them together.”

“We don’t believe in standing still,” added Peter Gonze, Executive Vice President for Business Development, “We have structured our organization to take advantage of pioneering approaches to drug development and we will continue to evolve and adapt our service offerings to help our clients bring their products to the market. Right now, we are helping our clients thrive in the development and regulatory landscape that exists today – while we are also helping them anticipate the changes that will emerge in the years to come.”

Aptiv Solutions integrates the resources and expertise of Averion International, Trio Clinical Research, Fulcrum Pharma, ClinResearch, Niphix and ADDPLAN. The merger is led by a group of investors including SV Life Sciences (“SVLS”), a venture capital adviser and manager providing financing to businesses across the human life sciences
sector; The Halifax Group, a private equity firm that specializes in partnering with entrepreneurs to recapitalize middle-market businesses; and the Comvest Group, a private investment firm focused on providing debt and equity solutions to middle-market companies.

The new global company provides innovative, comprehensive and proven development capabilities, built on an extensive portfolio of services and a worldwide team of more than 700 professionals.